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  1. Watch Live Television from anywhere on  your computer your phone or tablet.
  2. We offer thousand’s of television show and movie on demand  updated daily.   
  3.  Works on all major devices so you can watch tv and movies from anywhere.   
  4. Our live Television section has all the major channels you could want            

  All Major Devices

Enjoying Movies and Television   Has Never Been Easier

Detailed Info Section

This Section gives you a detailed info section about actors, the movies, and television shows  any info we want 

Auto Request

You can request movies and television show on autopilot no other service can offer you that not Netflix,Hulu, Amazon Prime. 


Television Section Updated daily you can see all the latest shows an hour after there air time. Comeracal free showing

Live T.V Section

Are you tired of paying exorbitant cable subscription fees? Can’t get those channels showing your favorite sports from your provider? If yes, then you are on the right website. We have a passion for TV which is the single most important investment you can ever make in the age of broadband internet.